Our Story

The CatNap
family business and huge input to the animal shelter

The idea of developing something warm and cosy for cats was made by one couple from Latvia.
Andrejs and Lydia were inspired by their own pets and saving the animal shelter. In 2014 animal shelter “Second home” started its activity and this organization was in search of charity foundations to build dog's kennels. Andrejs and Lydia decided to help and as a result in the animal shelter were installed first three dogs kennels.
Since that time they are helping the shelter in different ways. Andrejs and Lydia organised a fundraising company for place reconstruction, collecting feed for animals and run classes for children about how to take care of animals. In addition, they organise charity events and for their own wedding, instead of presents and gifts, they asked to bring some food for animals from the shelter. This shelter located in  Demene settlement (Latvia) and give the roof for about 100 cats and dogs in the majority, however here they also help wild animals. Last year in this shelter was saved cormorant and released.
Very important is that in this shelter doesn’t euthanise animals! Now Andrejs and Lydia decided to develop something useful and helpful for pets, moreover, it helps animals, which do not have a hosts yet.Our product “CatNap” will bring happiness to your fluffy friends and together we can help animals!
By purchasing the CatNap you contribute 5% of the CatNap price to the animal shelter "Otrā māja dzīvniekiem" (“SECOND HOME”)
in Latvia, which supports the homeless animals and helps them to find a new home. (https://www.otramaja.lv/en/).
You will be notified when the donation is made!